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Investment Portfolios in Fort Lauderdale, FL

coin collector Fort Lauderdale, FL Do you have stores of gold coins or collectible medals that are dormant and unappraised? Looking to find out the real value of those heirlooms and rare coins that you’ve inherited over the years? Looking to find some extra cash or spending money until the next payday? Steibs Sales East Coast Coin is the coin dealer and gold bullion trader that you should seek for buying and selling coins and paper money.

Steibs Sales East Coast of Fort Lauderdale, FL has exactly the services that you require for finding real value and locating the rare coins that you’re looking for. With coin collector and appraisal specialist that takes advantage of years in the rare coin market, Steibs Sales East Coast know more about the pieces that you own than you could ever hope to find out without the discerning eye of a professional. Not just for selling, Steibs Sales East Coast stocks rare coins and gold bullion for investment portfolios that will keep your money liquid and safe in the shaky economy.

For rare coin and gold bullion selling, Steibs Sales East Coast can help you find the real value of the hidden gems in your collection. If you have stores of gold and silver coins that you’ve kept for years without acting on, now is the time. Steibs Sales East Coast appraisers are talented and trustworthy, able to transparently assess the age and make of your rare coins, paper money or investment portfolios.

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Stop by today and get your rare coins appraised!

You wouldn’t believe the rarities that can be found from combing your old collections of coins that have been sitting idly in the back of your closet. Steibs Sales East Coast delights in finding a diamond in the rough, bring anything you think may have untapped value into their Fort Lauderdale, FL location for expert appraisal and find out if you’ve got something special on your hands!

For sales, Steibs Sales East Coast is just as proficient and professional. The appraisers and professional coin dealers at Steibs Sales East Coast have built a massive collection of some of the rarest and most valuable coins and paper money offered on the commercial market. If you’re looking for a particular piece to round out your personal collection or for the perfect holiday/personal gift for the avid coin collector in your life, chances are that Steibs Sales East Coast has the piece that you seek. For collectibles that offer a rich piece of living history, sure to accrue in value, stop in today!

Not just a buyer of rare coins and paper money, Steibs Sales East Coast works faithfully to offer their opportunity in gold bullion and investment. No matter what the state of the economy is, gold bullion is always a safe purchase. The gold market is lucrative, resilient to recession and sure to exist centuries from now; there is no financial investment better for the opportunistic buyer! Contact the specialists at Steibs Sales East Coast to find out how their expertise and knowledge can help to build a strong investment portfolio in the active gold and silver market.

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Steibs Sales East Coast works to serve coin collectors and buyers that take pride in their collections. For appraisals and reliable evaluations, Steibs Sales East Coast can perform house calls or bank vault visits as required. Steibs Sales East Coast is a coin dealer that is excited by the value and history of their products, whether they are coins, paper money, medals, stamp or a range of other collectibles. For confidential transactions, transparent trading and spot-on appraisal, Steibs Sales East Coast is the service you need.

If you’re unsure of the real value of one of your pieces or you’re looking for a specific coin to complete your set, Steibs Sales East Coast is the specialist you need to contact in Fort Lauderdale, FL. With a stellar reputation, knowledgeable staff and supportive service, there simply is no real competition. Call Steibs Sales East Coast or stop in at their store on 800 W Cypress Creek Road directly.

Products & Services

Steibs Sales East Coast is proud to offer residents in Fort Lauderdale, FL a complete range of precious metal and collectible coin services, including:

  • In-store and house call, appraisals
  • Buying and selling
  • Gold bullion and investment portfolio opportunities

Steibs Sales East Coast is the trusted, go-to coin collector for a range of collectibles; including medals, stamps, gold bullion, paper money, tokens and commemorative pieces.

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